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    This is where it all starts. Learning to SCUBA dive should be easy, fun and above else safe. Let us welcome you to Scuba Dive Riverview "Concierge Scuba Concept!". We offer intimate  group classes of no more than eight students. Private Concierge dive classes and every thing in between. Dive Ventures classes are always small -- only one to eight students per class.
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     Extend your dive times, reduce your air consumption and more as you continue your SCUBA education and get  more dive experience. Let us show you how to do all this and more. As you continue exploring the oceans with us and the many advanced SCUBA courses and long list of dive specialties we offer. You can even start your dive career with the PADI Divemaster course or the SSI Assistant Instructor course.

    At Scuba Dive Riverview we pride ourselves in offering the best quality products at the best possible value. This is why we have partnered with Scuba Schools International (SSI) and the Professional Association of Diving Instructor (PADI). Additionally, we offer an extensive 

selection  of dive courses. 

Se habla español! Nos puede contactar al numero (813) 440-1517 para una clase privada. 

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     Do you dream of diving in the clear blue waters of the Caribbean Sea? Do you want to change your latitude and live your life like a Jimmy Buffett song? Then you might be a Parrot Island Diver.


Parrot Island Divers Florida invites you to join us at one our many ventures, be it local or far away.

    We are partnered with Mares one of the world's leading dive gear manufacturers to provide our family, friends and customers   with the best possible quality dive gear for the best possible value.  Every item in our store inventory is also available on our online store and available for home shipping. 
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